How to say gay in Bermese

Bermese language is the official language of Burma or Myanmar. It is a language belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family, and is written using the Burmese alphabet, writing circles or circles fragment. Today is spoken by 42 million people. Here we offer you our Burmese Gay Dictionary with gay words, we have found for the moment . If you see a fault, or there is a mistake, do not hesitate to say so.





Its literal translation is dry, and in slang means faggot, being understood, wrongly, that gays can not have children. Its intention is derogatory, although in some areas is used by the LGBT community to call gay.



Layn thu chit thu

Literally one who loves the same gender.


Patriarchal identification between gay and women, English loanword.

Pagan yauk bu la?

The literal translation is Have you been to Pagan? and in slang means Are you gay?

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