How to say gay in Chinese

When we speak about Chinese language, we actually refer to the set of languages ​​closely related to each other spoken in China, belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family and now spoken by 1325 million persons. In our Chinese gay dictionary you can find expressions of different Chinese languages.






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The literal translation of bōlí is glass that in slang means fagot.The use of this word comes from the acronym BL (Boy Lover) which in English is pronounced "Be" "El". The origin of the use of this word may be in the Chinese way of saying those two letters that phonetically resembles the Chinese word bōlí. Click term to read more about this word.


Its literal translation is basic man, but is used because gēi it's phonetically similar to the word Gay.



Adjective. Its literal translation is love or lust for the same sex. It means homosexual. Mandarin Chinese.



Noun. The same meaning as the previous word. It is used to refer to a homosexual person.



thongzi rojo 1 109 550 550 60

Means comrade. A double meaning, on purpose, the term communist. Click term to read more about this word.

(see fut jai)

Faggot. Cantonese Chinese.

(see fut lo)

Faggot. Cantonese Chinese.

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