How to say gay in Czech.

Czech is a West Slavic language belonging to the Indo-European family, spoken mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by about 12 million people, which is represented in writing using the Latin alphabet with various diacritics signs. Highlights in our Czech gay dictionary the only reference in the world to the fruit of the beech, and the reference to temperature, explained in the German gay dictionary.





Beechnut. Derogatory.


Bugger. The word derives from Bulgarian. The origin of the term dates back to the ninth century, when Orthodox Catholics wanted to evangelize Bulgarian territory, where there was a very strong current animist. To combat this they spread the idea that in the area of Bulgaria was a sect that practiced sodomy. Derogatory.




Its literal translation is shit - ass, and in slang means faggot.


Warm. Derogatory.

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