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How to say gay in German

At the beginning, the search for the German words to signal the fags and dykes was a mystery. We only found the word “Schwul” (Gay) and its derivatives, and “Warmer Bruder” ( hot brother ). We asked the Germans and could not find the answer, there were no more words. How could this be? Over time, continuing the search, we find many other words and expressions to which, Rocío, the Mosca of translations in Germany, gave a little sense, working on Jody Skinner text about his own book, a glossary of German words for LGBT people. The odd thing is, asking the Germans back about these "new" words that we found, they known it. Then? Why not they told us when we asked before? As you can see the words give us information both when are used and when not.


Another relevant topic on the German words is the "hot" theme, the relation between Schwul (Gay) and schwül (Warm, sultry). Schwul seems derived from schwül. What is the relation between fag and hot? Why Warmer Bruder (hot brother)?

In the 19th century, when the vice and sin had become mental illness, scientists began to investigate the causes of the homosexual "pathology", research that continues today with the, useless, “pink gene” search. Well intentioned Studies, such as Magnus Hirschfeld ones, founder of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee (Wissenschaftlich-humanitäres Komitee)affirmed, wrongly, that homosexual men had a body temperature above the average. However, the origin of the expression "Warmer Bruder" is earlier, so the most likely origin of this relationship must be sought elsewhere.

The issue of high temperature, which is not unique to the German language, may have to relates to the patriarchal identification, with male power, imposing its vision of reality, and therefore becomes reality explanation commonly accepted. The man is hard and cold, and the woman is soft and warm. Fags, in this view, are almost as women, so they are "hot" like them. Idea is reinforced by the use of the concept of tempered in other languages ​​such as Czech with the word Teplouš, concept also present in the Slovak language, in the Slovenian and Hungarian.

Now, we offer you the German words, we have found for the moment. If you find missing any or a mistake, do not hesitate to say us.



Term Definition

Deflected. It originated in the 19th century in the wake of the medical debate that considers homosexuality as a disease.

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