How to say gay in Kalaallisut.

Kalaallisut or Greenlandic language is an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken in the Danish island of Greenland, where it is an official language, and in Denmark, totaling sixty thousand speakers. To carry out our Kalaallisut gay dictionary, we have had the help of Greenlanders friends collecting expressions, and with Francesc Bailón, anthropologist and specialist in Inuit culture, which has helped us to understand the reality behind these words.





Man who likes men.


Effeminate men. Some people use it to transgender male to female.


Thing, class or homosexual kind.





Suiaassutsiminik allannguerusuttoq

Transgender. Person seeking to change gender.



In addition to length of the words, it is striking that are positive words, descriptive expressions, and not slang expressions, euphemisms or insults, and it is that in Inuit culture, to insult is not common.

We always say the words, insults, do not define you, but tell us about the people who use them and the societies and eras in which they were originate. In the case of Greenland this idea is also fulfilled, but places the Inuit culture in a dimension hardly achievable, even for the most advanced and progressive societies.

From the study of the collected words and with the intent to understand them, we have reached a surprising and important findings related to the naturalness of human sexual diversity and its features, which you can read in our blog article:

Inuit woman, bisexuality and the Primus stove

Thanks to Tina E., Hans B. J. y Ikuala N. C., from Greenland, for their help :)

Thanks to Francesc Bailón, for his help and his kindness. We leave you these links so that you can know more about his work and expeditions.

Fanpage: Francesc Bailón-Antropología Inuit

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