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Spanish is an Indo-European language spoken in 31 countries, with a total of 528 million speakers, mainly in Spain and Latin America, it is the second language in the world after Chinese.

In our Spanish Gay Dictionary you will find terms and expressions of all categories (see Gay Dictionary), as well as those created by the LGBT community itself. This variety is due to the large number of Spanish speakers, the vast geographical scope and the time interval, as there are actual words and others that date back to the 13th century.

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Unlike other large dictionaries such as English, Spanish Gay Dictionary, does not focus on the top / bottom role in sex, and blowjobs. Nor as the Italian, obsessed with passive (bottom) homosexuals.

In addition to the search and investigation, we highlight the following sources:

  • DRAE. Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española.
  • Diccionario Sucinto para el lector no entendido. Alberto Cardín.
  • Diccionario de expresiones malsonantes del español. Jaime Martín.
  • Diccionario de argot español. Víctor León.

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Term Definition

faggot. Like Marica, it is a term that appears in the 16th century and seems to refer more to the homosexual man with attitude and masculine appearance. Being augmentative for Marica, the negative connotation is higher than in the terms Marica and Mariquita, a fact that draws attention due to the profound contempt for femininity that existed at the time, as we have already explained in this dictionary in the entry Marica.

Not only it used against homosexual men but also used as an insult for men who did not exercise domination and violence against women, and also to insult any man. Despite the manly nuance of the term, the Maricón became popular by become an archetype of the theater of the Spanish Golden Age, being the mannered and feminine aesthetics character to tease of, and to have fun at his expense and with which, therefore, should be avoided any comparison. For this reason often appear in expressions like "te van a tomar por maricón" (they see you as faggot).

Since the Spanish dictatorship also was used, to a greater extent, to refer to homosexual men with masculine attitude, and this greater invisibility was precisely that makes the Maricón had less social acceptance that the Mariquita, more feminine, with whom make fun (including sex) and therefore less dangerous. In this sense the maricón aroused fear among heterosexual men because had their same gender expression (not feminine) and were supposed active (top) in sex, and also for being socially linked with pederasty. Maybe heterosexuals feared that homosexuals did to them what they did to women and girls.

Today the term Maricón no longer has the hue of masculinity and its use is general for any gay, to insult any heterosexual man, and even to call amicably between friends.

Variations Mariquita, Marica, Marieta, Mariquitilla, Mariíca, Mariconada, Mariconazo, Maricona, Mariconcete, Marimarica, Maruso, Marusa, Marico (Venezuela), Maricona dramática (Colombia, Miami, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico), Mariquilla (Bolivia), Mariquito (Miami, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Perú, Puerto Rico, Venezuela).

See Gay Dictionary: Marica (Spain)

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