How to say gay in Thai.

Thai is the official language in Thailand, belonging to the Tai-Kadai family and spoken by sixty million people. Highlights in our Thai Gay Dictionary reference to the iron. We want to thank Ferran his collaboration.







Phonetic adaptation of gay.




Is the colloquial version of เกย์.


[neutro, estándar]

(khon thipen ke)

Means "a person who is gay" and is the Thai proposal for the term homosexual.


[formal, respetuoso]

(phu rak phet diao kan)

Means "person who loves someone who is of the same sex". It is used to show respect for the person you're talking about.


[vulgar, peyorativo]


It is used to refer to a very effeminate gay guy and can have multiple translations, as sissy, crazy female…


[vulgar, peyorativo]


Their usage and meaning are the same as those of ตุ๊ด.


[coloquial, idiomático]

(set lek)

Means something like "iron remains" and is used among friends.


[coloquial, idiomático]

(lek ton)

Would mean "big iron cock." It could be translated by any non-pejorative modismo.




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Transcript of the English word "king"; refers to a gay man with straight attitude. Read Khing post from Gay Slang Collection to know more about this word and its meaning.

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