How to say gay in Turkish.

Turkish language belongs, with discussion, to Altaic family. It is the official language of Turkey and Cyprus and is spoken by eighty-five million people, including all Turkish speakers in neighboring countries. Issue you can check comparing our Turkish Gay dictionary, with the Greek, Armenian or Azeri dictionaries. In this dictionary you will also find words from the Turkish slang Lubunca, identity element of the LGBT people of Turkey with almost a century of use, related to the Polari jargon of the United Kingdom and the Karliarnta of Greece, cultural productions derived from the absence of sexual freedom.

We especially thank our kind and enthusiastic friend Görkem G. for his collaboration in this dictionary. His corrections, his contributions and, above all, approaching us to the Lubunca jargon, have given us emotion, joy and a new world to begin to discover.





versatile, top and bottom gay person. Lubunca jargon.

See Lubunya.


homosexual, gay.


who puts the ass. compound of Got (ass) and veren (the giver).


ass fucker.


old expression to refer to intersex people.


gay. From Arabic language for a feminine son.


whore, slut, bitch. Lubunca jargon.


its literal meaning is polite, but sometimes it is used to suggest that a man is gay.


originally from Persia, to call to active men who like young boys. It is an archaic term.


expression used to refer to masculinity and the active sex role of adult man, whether homosexual or heterosexual. Lubunca jargon.

Related Manti.


also Lubun, mostly using for feminine bottom gay man or general term for a gay man. From this expression derives the name of the Lubunca jargon, that means Lubunish, Lubun language or language of the gays.

The history of the Lubunca reminds us of other jargons related to the lack of sexual freedom, such as the Polari in the United Kingdom, and the Kaliarnta in Greece. But unlike the previous ones, its use is not only maintained, but increased. This is because the Lubunca is understood as an identity element of the LGBT community and also, because unfortunately in Turkey sexual diversity is rejected by the institutions.

Lubunca jargon appears at the end of the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) in the underworld of the big cities, in the collective of transgender women and men, that were sex workers, the first illegally in brothels controlled by the government, and the latter in the Hammam (Turkish bath).

Lubunca jargon has contributions from many languages, but most of the expressions have their origin in Turkish and Romany languages, the latter being also the origin of many words of the Polari and Karliarnta jargons. Most terms refer to sex, either sex roles, sexual practices, sex work or genitals. Here are some examples:

Ayı (plural. Ayılar): gay bear.

Balamoz: old man.

But: big, generally for penis size.

Elvan: average, generally for penis size.

Kezban: prude.

Koli: means package, referred to the bulge of the genitals, and applies also to sex and to refer to fuck-buddy.

Kürdan: Means toothpick, small, usually referred to the size of the penis.

Lavaj Alıkmak: doing an enema.

Minço: butt.

Similya: cock.

Putka: cunt.


this expression is used to highlight masculinity, youthfulness and active sex role, and is used for both heterosexual and homosexual men. Lubunca jargon.

Related Laço.


formerly meant cute, now used for effeminate gays.


pederast. Contemptuous expression to refer to homosexual men (despite the fact that most pederasts are heterosexual men who abuse girls from their environment).


whore. Very derogatory.


its meaning is shiny, and also a person with no hair, characteristics that may suggest little masculinity, and thus be used as a slang to refer to homosexual man.


faggot, probably related to the Greek word poústis, meaning male prostitute.


80's slang for pointing out a feminine homosexual man.


ball, faggot.


its literal meaning is baby flea. Although we have found it to refer to gay men, it is mostly used to refer to an impertinent flirty men.


smooth, soft. Faggot.


very feminine gay man.

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