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The Portuguese word Veado, whose English translation is Deer, began to be used as a derogatory slang for homosexual men in Brazil in the early 20th century. The first written reference of the slang Veado we found, dating from 1956, which is consistent with the popular origin of the expression, which usually takes a few years to be used in the texts.

The origin of the expression generates considerable controversy and a variety of highly credible ways along with others we can rule out in advance, as in the case of the relationship with the Disney movie, Bambi, since a reference to another reference traces the origin in 1940, when it had not yet released the animated film. Of course yes, Bambi, belongs to the group of words derived from Veado, that as Veadinho (short for Veado), would reinforce the youthful character and / or passive sexual role of people object insult.

On the other hand we have the own animal, the deer, with a peculiar homosexual behavior and that some relate to the need of the animal to expel the large amount of semen produced. This explanation presents two problems. The first and foremost is that it is a relatively hidden knowledge, especially in the time when the slang appears, in which homosexual behavior in nature was virtually unknown with no diffusion, resulting inconsistent with the popular origin of the expression. The second problem is related to the usefulness of homosexual behavior in the animal, reducing it as the animal has the balls swollen, his nature forces him to fuck the ass of his friends, since they live in male herds most of the time. Ha!

To get a bit to what we think is the most likely origin of the slang Veado, have to talk about its pronunciation, because as in many similar portuguese words the letter e of Veado is pronounced i, sounding Viado.

Some authors suggest that Viado is a reduction from Transviado, which would have the meaning of deviated, following the wrong or immoral way, etc. With this explanation, we would be facing another case of jump for phonetic similarity, and in this case, rather than phonetic similarity, is that this two words, Veado and Viado, are same pronounced although are written differently. In fact many people write Viado to refer to homosexual man, and Veado to refer to the animal. All dictionaries suggest that it is a mistake, since viado is an archaic word that gave name to a woven wool garment forming bands.

We also have to mention that already in the year 1000 Arab poets called the young lovers and beloved, whether men or women, with the word Gazelle, and before, in the 6th century A.C. were called Roe Deer in the Song of Songs. This indicates that in the popular imagination, the deer could be related to homosexual behavior since ancient times, which could be related to the observation of nature through the eyes of that time, exempt from phobia to homosexual behavior.

In addition to Veado, one of the words most used to call homosexual men in Brazil is Bicha, which could have been related to the French word Biche, which means deer. French influence in Brazil, both in colonization and in the process of independence of Portugal, highlighted by historians in recent years, could be a perfect way for Veado becomes slang for gay man, but so far, we have not found information to support this theory.

However and in conclusion, it seems quite sensible Veado originates in Transviado, because in addition to the above, this idea and its corresponding words are present in many languages (desviado in Spanish, deviata in Italian and Abweichung in German language), having its origin in the late 19th century, when homosexuality begins to be considered a mental illness. Use against someone, the word Transviado / -viado (deviant) could be very strong, so the word Veado, sounding Viado, would be used. This is, a classic euphemism.

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