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We offer you our Online Dictionary, a Lesbian Dictionary, with over 150 words from 20 different languages, to know how to say lesbian.

In our Lesbian Dictionary we have collected precious terms from many countries, some offensive and some just curious. Know them, learn their meaning, but remember that these labels they hang us don’t define us, do not define you. These words, insults and labels define just who use and people or ages in which it were originated. Knowing and using these words you can eliminate its negative charge. Already are not their insults are our words.

Topping our dictionary, as could not be otherwise, the word Lesbian. You can also select any language in the side menu to know more words.

Lesbian (adjective, noun)

Its the most universal way to appoint homosexual women, that is, women who show inclination towards erotic and emotional relationship with individuals of the same sex. The word comes from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos, where in the 5th century BC poet Sappho lived, literature which focuses on the beauty of women and the proclamation of his love for them. Also derived from the name of the island sapphism and sapphic terms as synonyms for lesbian and lesbianism. Until the end of s.19 the word lesbian was used to name anything that came from the island of Lesbos, like wine lesbian. It was from its use in a medical dictionary to define the tribadism, a sexual practice consisting in to rub female genital with genital of another woman, when the use of the word lesbian became widespread, first as a mental illness, and later, in the 20th century, as a positive term.


Unlike the word "gay", which is used without translation in many languages​​, the term "lesbian" does have translation preserving in most languages ​​the root "lesb" as in the case of: Lebbe (Danish), Lesba (Polish), Lesbian (English), Lésbica (Portuguese) or Lezbejka (Serbian).


Since the emergence of homophobia to the choice of the word "lesbian" as a positive term in the 20th century, the words used were pejorative expressions we can group in the following categories:

1) Sexual theme: as “vaibasööja” (Rugs eater in Estonian) y “büchsenmasseuse” (vaginas masseuse in German), o “tríbade” from Portuguese, referring to rubbing vaginas.

2) On the vice and prostitution: as french terms "gousse" and "gouine". urrently mean dyke, but initially meant prostitute, because lesbian relationships were understood as sexual activity made by prostitutes. We can also talk of the German term "jubelhure" which literally means party whore.

3) Related to the patriarchal masculinization: consisting in the attribution of presumed male characteristics to female homosexuals: as are the Spanish terms “camionera” (female truck driver) and “bollera” (derived from egret, female ox driver), the Norwegian word “traktorlesbe” that means tractor-lesbian, and “sapatão”, meaning big shoe, in portuguese language.

4) Euphemisms: with animal names, as "lepakko" (but in Finnish) or “dragoner” (dragon in German); fruit names, as “ô môi” from vietnamese language (a fruit of the area) or “lemon” from australian English; and finally, object names as "onabe" and "pot" (pot in Japanese and Dutch respectively).

5) Crooked: the concept of crooked, devious, spoiled or defective is present in many languages​​, and has a special importance because of its relationship with the term “queer” that was agreed to refer, not rated, any form of sexuality, idea that comes from revolutionary theory, which is known Queer Theory. Addition to the word “queer”, with the same concept, we have the Spanish term “tortillera” that comes from, torta (crooked) and torcido (twisted).

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