How to say lesbian in Finish.

Finnish is the official language, along with Swedish, in Finland, spoken by more than 5 million people. Belonging to the family of Uralic languages, is one of the few European languages ​​not descended from Indo-European. Below you have our Finnish Lesbian Dictionary that will expand in new editions.





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Lepakko in Finnish means bat and in slang language means dyke. In this case there is little information on the origin of the use of this word and the explanations are unconvincing. Some say lesbo word is difficult to pronounce in Finnish and that is why they used Lepakko, and others used by the phonetic similarity between lesbo and Lepakko. Also, the bat is de evil symbol. Derogative intention.

See Lesbian Dictionary: Lepakko (Finland)



Variations: Lesbolainen


its literal translation to English is bran, and it is slang for lesbian.


female couple.

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