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Italian is a language of Indo-European family formed by several dialects. It is spoken by about 62 million people and is official in 9 countries or regions. In the Italian lesbian dictionary placed at your disposal, there are current expressions, but also expressions that are no longer used, but all provide information about the life lesbians have led in Italy. In this sense seem significant "Casalesbica" and "Gol-Star lesbian". We also want to emphasize the coincidence of themes and expressions with other lesbian dictionaries as the expression "Camionista" as well as a relative lack of imagination by the small number of euphemisms, although we love "Vespa".

Source: "Il gergo queer nell'italiano novecentesco e contemporaneo" Doctoral Thesis by Daniel de Lucia, Università "G. D'Annunzio" Chieti-Pescara (2013)



Term Definition

Inverted. Karl Westphal, a German researcher who studied 200 cases of homosexuality, in 1869 coined the term "konträre Sexualempfindung" which was translated into Italian as "sessualità contraria" (contrary sexuality). As the expression "contraria" could give an idea of rebellion or alternative, some translated it as "invertita" as it was so clearly shown the abnormal and unnatural character of lesbianism.

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