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Spanish or Castilian an Indo-European language spoken in 31 countries, with a total of 528 million speakers, mainly in Spain and Latin America, being the second language in the world after Chinese. Below you have our Spanish lesbian dictionary followed by words and expressions used mainly in Latin America.



Term Definition

expression used in Venezuela and Puerto Rico to refer to homosexual woman. The cachapas are some sweet pancakes made with corn very present in Venezuelan cuisine, so initially the cachaperas were the women who elaborated or sold them, or establishments where are sold.

There are hardly any information on the origin of this expression. The first references to Cachapera as lesbian slang are in the early 90s, but also at the same time we find Cachapera as slang for prostitute and "Cachapera tortera" as slang for prostitute performing lesbian sex. However we thought the slang does not come from issue of prostitution, but because of the similarity with expressions like Arepera and Tortillera, in relation to the preparation of pancakes.

Curiously, in Valencia (Spain) a sweet cakes of Arab origin called Cachaps are made.

Variations Cacha (Puerto Rico), Cachapa (Venezuela).

Related Arepera (Colombia), Pastelera y Panadera (Peru), Tortillera.

See Lesbian Dictionary: Bollo (Spain)

See Bollera, Arepera.

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