How to say lesbian in turkish

Turkish language belongs, with discussion, to Altaic family. It is the official language of Turkey and Cyprus and is spoken by eighty-five million people, including all Turkish speakers in neighboring countries. Issue you can check comparing our Turkish Gay dictionary, with the Greek, Armenian or Azeri dictionaries.

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lesbian. Expression used mostly in the 80's and 90's whose literal translation would be, elder sister fan or too fond of the elder sister. The word part "Abla" has the meaning of elder sister and is also a respectful way of addressing any woman, and the part "cı" is the one that gives the sense of "she likes very much, too much, etc.". Affinity for women.

Erkek Fatma

"Fatma" is a female proper name, Fatima, and "erkek" means male. This expression is especially used for mannish women regardless of their sexual orientation, focusing on gender expression.

The poster of the homonymous movie leaves no room for doubt.

erkek fatma movie's poster


abbreviation of the word “lezbiyen”, which means lesbian.

Variations Lezbo, lezbiş, lezzo, lezboş.


lesbian. Literally means lover in the sexual sense of the term, being "Sev" the word love. Sevici is an expression that is no longer used today but can be found in magazines of the 1990s, in the context of rejecting concrete lesbian relationships.

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