LGBT Glossary

Definition of reality.

Besides getting rights and freedoms, over the past 100 years have been discovering the intricacies of human sexuality. This has produced a lot of words and concepts that describe reality. The need to find an inclusive terminology of all sexual diversity, often raises too much the speech and is difficult to understand, if we also consider the speech often is mixed with activism.

We think it is necessary that the general public knows to call things by their name in a proper way, because knowing the names of things could be the first step to know them. This is the purpose of this glossary.

LGBT Glossary

Term Definition

When a person is androgynous his gender expression is a mixture of the expression of masculine and feminine gender.


Fear, hatred or contempt that some people feel towards bisexual people.


Individual that feels physically, emotionally and / or romantic attraction both men and women. It does not mean that bisexuals have sex with both sexes, or that are promiscuous. In fact, it is not necessary to have any kind of sex to identify as bisexual.

Black triangle

Symbol in Nazi concentration camps, identified lesbians, prostitutes, women without children and those with "antisocial" quirks, leading away from the traditional model of a woman. Then it was used by the lesbian and feminist activism.


Used in the field of gender studies, is a term used to describe people whose gender identity and gender assigned at birth are concordant, and whose behavior is consistent with that socially are assigned to this gender. For simplicity, we can say that there are transgender people and people who are not, and those that are not, are called cisgender.

Drag queen

Is a quick-change artist, a man who wears women's clothing and estrabagante to act in shows and other events, focusing on humor and exaggeration.


It is the most universal and internationally way to appoint homosexual men, that is, men who show inclination towards erotic and emotional relationship with individuals of the same sex. It is an English loan that has its origin in the Provencal word "gai" that means happy and rascal, and related to homosexuality, began to used to appoint male prostitutes. Over time and in response to the term "homosexual", turned into pathology, the word gay was chosen by the LGBT community to refer to themselves, stripped of its negative connotations.

Gay pride

It is the commemoration of the day when everything changed.

Gender binarism

the gender binarism establishes exclusive categories, male and female, masculine and feminine, in which all people should be classified and self classified, and also established in each historical moment the characteristics that define each category. When someone shows some distinct feature, the gender vigilance appears and attempts to correct the deviations.

Gender dysphoria

Opposite of euphoria, gender dysphoria is disgust, maladjustment or discomfort with the biological sex they were born.

Gender expression

To put it simply, our gender expression is the gender we look like, the gender we show, what others think we are from our appearance, our sex and identity expression, the form and manner of expressing ourselves, the things we like and shape of behavior that are expected we have, imposed and we impose upon ourselves. We have masculine gender expression, the feminine gender expression and also have androgynous people, whose gender expression is a mixture, which can be variable, of the two.

Gender identity

It is one of the great features of Sexual Identity. People identify themselves with one gender or the other, and sometimes both. Feeling man or woman, girl or boy, and sometimes a mixture of both. From early each person identify himself on one sex, and know what is each sex.

Gender vigilance

the gender vigilance is a social tool that tries to suppress or modify any gender expression that not correspond to the gender assigned at birth. Parents, educators, environment, and even each of us, perform gender vigilance, and its intensity vary with age and sex. Gender vigilance tends to reinforce the so-called gender binarism.


May be the pretension, even unconsciously, that the pattern to be followed by everyone is the heterosexual, in any aspect of life.


After 2000 years of homophobia whole society was articulated from heterosexuality. And the world was divided between the good straight and the devil (not straight). This heterosexism can also be seen as heterocentrism, affecting even science. In many investigations of animal species, it is assumed that the couples studied were formed by a male and a female, when in fact they were studying homoparental couples. Heterosexism are polarized glasses.


It is a type of sexual orientation. Man or woman whose physical and emotional attraction is directed towards people of the opposite gender. Heterosexual term appears at the same time the term homosexual, in the late 19th century, from the pen of a Hungarian poet and writer named Karl-Maria Kertbeny in a public letter urging the authorities to decriminalize homosexual behavior. Before that date there was no heterosexual or homosexual, there were normal people on the one hand, and sinners - criminals on the other.


The paternity of homosexuals. So a homoparental couple is a homosexual couple who have children, adoptive or not.


Fear or hatred of gay men and lesbian women. The word prejudice, may be more accurate to describe antipathy towards LGBT people.


It is a type of sexual orientation. Man or woman whose physical and emotional attraction is directed towards people of the same gender. The term appears, at the same time than heterosexual term, in the late 19th century from the pen of a Hungarian poet and writer named Karl-Maria Kertbeny in a public letter urging the authorities to decriminalize homosexual behavior. Before that date there was no heterosexual or homosexual, there were normal people on the one hand, and sinners - criminals on the other. Although the term was created with good intentions, in the end it was very successful in the world of medicine and psychiatry and thus began the stage of pathologizing, where homosexuality ceased to be a crime, to become a mental illness. That is why the LGBT collective replaced it by the word gay, to remove the smell of electro-convulsive hospital. Today it is used normally without the negative charge.


Person who has physical Characteristics of both sexes. There are many genetic, hormonal or anatomical variations that can make the intersexual sex without these variations have to be interpreted as errors. The debate about intersex is intense because traditionally tended to the choice by parents and doctors, the baby's sex. Process involving constant surgery and suffering, and ultimately did not have to correspond with the sexual identity of the person. There are other options such as live and being life that will define the identity if needed.


It is the most universal way to call homosexual women, ie women who show inclination for erotic-affective relationships with people of the same sex. The word has its origin in the name of the Greek island of Lesbos, where poet Sappho lived in the 5th century BC, whose literature focuses on the beauty of women and the proclamation of his love for them.


Acronym used for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender." Following the inclusive spirit terms and letters can be added, as LGBTIQ ... we use LGBTI +


Fusion instinct.

Pink triangle

In the Nazi concentration camps people was classified with a triangle, exhibited sewn on clothes. Pink was assigned to gay men.

Queer theory

It is one of the most fascinating and complex issues of all the LGBT cultural construction. The idea is that states that all aspects of sexual identity are social constructs embodied in labels such as male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. From here borns the Genderqueer, which is also a label to advocate for the elimination of lables. In Queer talks there is much mixture explaining how human sexuality works, with how sexuality should be. Queer means twisted, and this sopposed the appropriation of the term, until then used to mark and insult, to transform it into a big protest concept.

Quick-change artist

Person who wears clothes of the opposite gender driven by artistic interests.


The classification of people as male or female. At birth, a baby is sexual assigned based on a combination of personal characteristics like: chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs and genitals.

Sexual diversity

It is a feature of sexual reproduction in nature. Faced with a traditional vision of a unique and determined Sexuality, sexual diversity teaches us that evolution achieves its goal through flexibility. A unique sexuality probably already been extinguished. Sexual diversity exists because we have a plastic, malleable, fluid, indeterminate sexuality, whose construction never ends.

Sexual orientation

It is one of the great features of sexual identity. The sexual orientation of a person is the sex of the person desired. It may be to the opposite sex (heterosexual), to the same (homosexual) or to both (bisexual). Kinsey, introduced mostly heterosexual and mostly homosexual categories.


See transgender.


There are people in that their biological sex does not match their sexual identity, the transgender people, these people may start if they want a sex reassignment by a combined process of psychological, chemical and surgery. There are also many transgender people who do not want to do it completely or not at all, and just change their appearance. Transgender people may be the most ones who made visible the sexual diversity, and most assaults and murders have suffered and are suffering. They deserve special recognition, support and love.


The period during which transgender people starts to live as the gender with which they identify. The transition may include change name, take hormones, undergo surgery in the chest, genitals or plastic surgery, changing legal documents to reflect her gender according to their sexual identity


Fear, hatred or contempt felt towards transgender people.


Person who wears clothes of the opposite sex, but do not necessarily identify with that genre. The objectives are as varied.


In this long fight to eradicate phobia towards sexual diversity, visibility of the group has been an important strategy. Visibility gives hope to those who may not be visible, visibility sprayed prejudice.

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