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Stereotypes, labels, categories. We have already said on other occasions, they are tools we use to know what surrounds us. Unfortunately also they have their downside, because they are used to trivialize, deride, discriminate against, criminalize and, generally, to hurt people.

Just as we do with our gay and lesbian dictionaries and the drawings of their words, with Stereotypes Collection we want to give a new image to the stereotypes, to eliminate the old and negative ones that society used to exemplify and terrify people who “go down the wrong path.”

With this new Stereotypes Collection we want to show the sexual diversity drawing its figures and using the stereotypes as positive dissemination tool.

By creating less symbolic and more personal artwork we enter the fascinating world of stereotypes.

  • Tomboy. Stereotypes Collection. Moscas de Colores.

    Tomboy girls

    The English term Tomboy, although normally related to lesbians and can be found explained as young masculine lesbian, actually refers
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