Hinaaja is the word used in Finland to name tugboats, in the same way, they use the word Hinari to name the cranes towing cars and other motor vehicles, or people who drive them. Both are slang for faggot for the issue to take someone hooked behind, a clear reference to the anal sex. Something like doing a mechanical caterpillar or Dada eroticism with steel and winches…Check our article for the Gay Slang Collection to read more information about the curious origin of this Finnish word and about the curious history of sexual diversity in the land of Tom of Finland.

Close-up photograph of a white T-shirt worn by a boy with the Hinaaja, a tug boat in the sea with the colors of the flag of Finland.

T-shirt with the Hinaaja drawing. You can purchase it in our online stores.

Read more: Hinaaja. Gay Dictionary (Finland).

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