The expression Choko belongs to the Tanzanian street slang called “lugha ya mitaani” (languages of the city’s neighborhoods) and it is used to refer to bottom homosexual men. The origin of the term and its relationship with homosexuality seems confusing and various possibilities are pointed out.

Some derive it without further ado from the French word “chocolat”, perhaps because of the youthfulness of the so-called and the color of their skin. Others point to the Swahili word “choco”, which means oven, and that would have sexual connotations for relating the butt to the shape of some traditional ovens in the area.

The word choko comes from the word chokora which is the name of street or homeless boys, photo of ones on the beach in Tanzania

The word choko could have its origin in the word chokora which is the name of the street or homeless boys.
Untitled Photo by Leo D’lion used under CC BY 2.0 /resized and optimized.

However, the theory that stands out is that the term “choko” would be nothing more than the abbreviation or shortening of the word “chokolaa” or “chokoraa” used in Tanzania and that would derive from the Kenyan Sheng slang “chokora ”, all of them referred to the street or homeless boys.

And although in principle there was not too much relationship between this term and homosexual behavior we found that several studies indicate that homosexual practices (including anal penetration) among street boys was the norm (at least in geographical scope of the study ) and not transactional sex as one might think, but as a complex pattern of affective and sexual relationship that is framed within a model called “kunyenga” and that we could translate as “comfortable sex” and that boys distinguish from the so-called “real sex ” that would be the heterosexual sex.

It is also very striking the fact that the “kunyenga” is justified as an alternative to homosexuality since there seems to be a belief, fostered by the church, that jerking off causes or is a sign of a homosexual deviation, therefore and to avoid this tremendous danger of being carried away by the demon of homosexuality that hides behind masturbation, what better way to vent with a good friend or fellow of misery “playing” the fake sex.

Having said that and without more information available, decide the audience which is the most likely origin of the term “chock” to name homosexual men in Swahili.

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