Pimbi is a term that belongs to Kenyan slang jargon, specifically to Nairobi. It is used, not only to refer to homosexual men but it is also used as dumb or not very clever. It is a typical example of the homophobic prejudice that assigns negative characteristics such as stupidity, nonsense or pussy-whipped to homosexual men, for the simple fact of being homosexual. These qualities suggesting little manhood area also found in other different terms in Swahili, like “boka”, “mbwiga”, “mnyela”, “ndula”, “poyoyo” where the sense of dumb or pussy-whipped overlaps with that of effeminate and/or homosexual.

As for its origin and meaning, “pimbi” is, in Swahili standard, the name of a type of rodent from that region of Africa known in English as dassie (Hyracoidea).

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