The English translation of the Welsh acronym LHDT is LGBT and is composed of the words Lesbiaidd, Hoyw, Deurywiol, and Traws. In addition to LHDT, other expressions of the Welsh language to correctly refer to sexual diversity are:

· Rhyw: sex (biological).
· Hunaniaeth rhywedd: gender identity.
· Mynegiant rhywedd: gender expression.
· Cyfeiriadedd rhywiol: sexual orientation.
· Dyntrawsryweddol: transgender man.
· Menywdrawsryweddol: transgender woman.
· Traws: trans, transgender.
· Trawsrywiol: transsexual.
· Rhyngryw: intersexual.
· Cwiar: queer.
· Heterorywiol: heterosexual.
· Syth: straight.
· Hoyw: gay, queer.
· Lesbiaidd: lesbian.
· Deurywiol: bisexual.
· Panrywiol: pansexual.
· Anneuaidd: non-binary.
· Dod allan: coming out.

See also: LGBT Glossary

Other words of the same language:
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