Faggot, from pederast.

Other words of the same language:

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What do you think about this expression?

Tell us what you think, if you like it or not, if there is an error, and also, if you know any word with which to expand this dictionary. Your opinion and your information are very important. And the diffusion too!

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  • This is a derogatory term that in actuality refers to men engaging in sexual activity with boys! (Stemming from the biblical term pederasty). It has nothing to do with being homosexual!

    • Hi, Mary Kate!

      Thank you very much for your comment

      We totally agree with you that pedophilia has nothing to do with being homosexual. But you should keep in mind that we do not choose what homosexual people are named, but that we collect these words that people use to name and insult us.

      On the other hand, there are many countries in which the majority (or most used) of insults against homosexual men derive from the word pederast, from Russia to France, through all countries of the Soviet sphere in the past, as is the case in the former Yugoslavia.

      You have left the comment in the Croatian Gay Dictionary, Do you know that language? Could you give us more words used to call gays and lesbians in that language?