Dongseong-aeja (동성애자)

The translation of the positive expression Dongseong-aeja (동성애자) is homosexual. Other Korean expressions to talk about sexual diversity are:

·Iseong-aeja (이성애자): heterosexual.

·Il-ban (일반): hetero (short form).

·Yangseong-aeja (양성애자): bisexual.

·Segseu (섹스): sex.

·Seongjeog jihyang (성적 지향): sexual orientation.

·Seongjeongcheseong (성정체성): gender identity.

·Seongjeonhwanja (성전환자): transgender.

·Museong-aeja (무성애자): asexual.

·Seongjeog chwihyang (성적 취향): sexual preference.

·Inteosegsyueol (인터섹슈얼): intersexual.

·Baijendeo (바이젠더): bigender.

·Eijendeo (에이젠더): agender.

·Emtuepeu (엠투에프): transgender woman.

·Epeutuem (에프투엠): transgender man.

·Kwieo (퀴어): queer.

·Kwieoilon (퀴어이론): queer theory.

·Ssiseujendeo (씨스젠더): cisgender.

·Deulaegkwin (드랙퀸): drag queen.

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