Kochający Inaczej

The literal translation into English of the Polish expression Kochający Inaczej is the one who loves in a different way, a highly poetic expression (or not). Although in our first searches we found that it was a pejorative expression, a reader has told us that its use is no longer derogatory and that it is standardized, which is, finally, good news from Poland. Thank you very much, Nie Tak.

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  • This is not derogatory. It is a circulatory manner of speaking, but it’s not used by those wanting to suggest that homosexuality is bad.

    • Hello Nie Tak!

      As with other languages, the pejorative or normalized meaning of an expression depends on the intention of who uses it. On many occasions, people do what we call re-appropriation. The LGBT community uses terms that were previously offensive to normalize them. We do not know what the case of Kochający Inaczej is, but we will incorporate your suggestion in the entry, for which we are very grateful.
      Please, if you have any more suggestions, or know any other expression, it would be very important for us to send them to us.
      Thank you for your clarification.

      Best regards.