Puka Diyan

Who give ass, faggot.

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  • Hey, that is an extremely homophobic slur what’s wrong with you!?
    The correct word is ‘samarisi’ which is homosexual

    • Hy U!

      Yes, you’re right. But, if you see the whole dictionary, the majority of entries are extremely homophobic slurs. We collect words to explain homophobia. Puka Diyan is a good example of one of the hetero-social representations of gay people, you’ll find in all languages, places, and times.

      Besides, we have to thank you because you confirm the entry Puka Diyan, as well as you provide us a new and bright word, samarisi.

      Please, please, please, if you know more Sinhala word, or you have some more information, share it with us.

      Many thousand kisses.