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Non-binary sexual system

The non-binary sexual system or model is a classification of human sexuality that does not establish delimited and excluding categories for the components of the Sexual Identity and, therefore, better classifies all manifestations of human sexual diversity.

Unlike the binary sexual system, used by some sectors as normative, it helps us to understand the different sexualities integrating all of them without consider deviations, abnormalities or pathologies.

Taking sexual orientation as an example, between the homosexual and heterosexual categories, this model not only includes bisexuality, but also establishes a continuum between those two poles in which people can move throughout their lives, and not only this, but integrates other manifestations of sexual orientation such as, among others, pansexuality and asexuality.

The main implication of the non-binary sexual system is that human sexuality is plastic, so that, in the limit, there can be as many sexualities as there are people on the planet.

Field: Queer theory

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