The English word aunt is the name of the family bond to refer to your father’s sister. It is slang to name middle-aged or elderly gay men. Some suggest that Aunt(ie) was initially slang for madam or old prostitute who ran a brothel, producing, as in many cases, a semantic transition from prostitute to homosexual man. However, it cannot be ruled out that its origin was in how a family spoke of the bachelor uncle when homosexuality was a sin, a crime, or a disease. It can also be used to name a lesbian who is a mentor or protective of a homosexual man.

Variations Aunty, Auntie, Aunt fancy, Aunt Mame, Aunt Mathilda.

Synonyms Chin-strap, Old man, DOM (Dirty old man), Fallen star, Fallen woman, Flea bagger, Fleadum (60’s, probably a variant of Fleadoom, a brand of flea), Fleet bagger (it means fast packer, which is probably an irony. Bagger is a person who puts customers’ purchases in bags, and this expression is ironic with the speed of movement of older people), Geritol set (Geritol is a famous brand of multivitamins), Grandma, Gray lady, Grimm’s fairy, Old girl, Old goat, Old hen, Old one, Old thing, Old queen, Old queer, Prune person (prune means dried plum), Rancid flower, Soiled senior citizen, Weel-chair set. These expressions indicate that, regrettably, in the gay world, youth is a treasure and old age a crime.

Related Ginch, Hump, Kife, Twidget, Skippy. All related to the sense of slut, bad woman, prostitute, etc, that have been used to insult gay people.

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