is slang for homosexual boy, probably because in the early 17th century it was used to name the guys who prostituted themselves.

One of the most prolific sources to insult male homosexuals was male prostitution. There is evidence of male prostitution since the Middle Ages in Spain, the origin of the word “Puto” with the same meaning, as in the City of London, and others say it was widespread throughout Europe and the United States.

There were 2 types of male prostitution, on the one hand by very masculine men, usually soldiers who were poorly paid at that time, which were available as sexually active couples, and on the other a much older tradition, it was done by cross-dressing men who frequented some bars and taverns. In the 17th and 18th centuries those effeminate men were called “Mollies” which comes from “Moll” (petform of “Mary”), and the places where they worked were called Molly-houses.

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