paradigmatic expression used for appointing a homosexual man, especially for effeminate ones and also with passive (bottom) sexual role.

The key to understanding the large number of expressions for passive (bottom) or effeminate gays is the supposed reversal of gender and sex roles when someone takes, or seems to have, a behavior considered “natural” or “appropriate” for the opposite sex.

According to this Manichean scheme, a homosexual with passive (bottom) sexual role should be in some sense, a woman; even a man who is raped is considered to have lost their manhood and in fact becomes a woman. Many slang terms for passive homosexual personify directly as a vagina or anus (Gash, Boy-pussy, Bumboy); Another common procedure is to use a word that has female reference as is the use of a woman’s name (Mary,Pansy, Marjery); or can be any of the large number of words commonly used for women (fem, bich, wife); or else a word that refers to the stereotypical female behavior (limp-wrist, flit, swish).

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