Amitier / Amour

With Amitier / Amour we have, not only a synonym of homosexual or faggot but a whole series of euphemisms that refer to homosexuality or sodomy as a kind of very special and particular love or friendship. Although over the centuries this type of expression has changed, we can find its origin in the translations of the classics of Greek and Roman literature, being this the first time that this type of euphemism appears in a translation of Plutarch from the 16h Century. This meant a significant change in the perception of homosexual behavior, which for the first time in centuries dared to come out even if timidly, from the frame of reference imposed by the Catholic Church. From the sin of the reviled Sodom to the love and friendship of the admired Greek philosophers and poets.

Among all the expressions that have been used since the 16th century we highlight: “amitié a la grecque / amour grec” (Greek friendship / greek love), ”amour philosophique” (philosophical love), “amour socratique” (socratic love), “amour d´homme” (man’s love), “amour des garcons” (boys love), “amour des mâles” (macho love), “amour d´homme a homme” (love between men), “amour de l´homme por l´homme” (love of man for man), “amour des femmes” (feminine or female love), “amitié(s) particulière(s)” (particular friendship (s)) and “amitié charnelle” (carnal friendship).

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