anti-physical.  The idea of homosexual behavior as an act against the established morals and nature has in this expression one of its greatest exponents in the French language of the last two centuries. Both in Greek, from where it takes the prefix and root, and in English language, Antiphysique would be translated as “against nature”. Although it had been used in the field of philosophy since the 16th century, Rousseau and Voltaire used this expression at the beginning of the 18th century to criticize homosexual behavior. The success of this new meaning was immediate, thus entering the Dictionnaire Universel of Trévoux in 1771 with the sense of “unnatural love”. Its use remained as an adjective and noun, and with this same meaning, until the early 20th century.

Synonyms: Antiphysicien, Antiphysique, Antiphysitique, Amour Antiphisique, Crime Antiphisique, Antisalaïste.

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