The word Fif is the Quebecois version of the term Fiotte derived from the term Fille that, although translated into English as girl, it works more as a synonym for effeminate. It is part of the “joual” or sociolect, that is, of a way of speaking of people belonging to the same sociocultural group, in this case, the Canadian Francophones.

As a curiosity, we must remember the title of the short story by Guy de Maupassant “Mademoiselle Fifi”, which turns out to be the nickname of the second lieutenant and Marquis Wilhem d’Eyrik,

“… a blonde guy fierce and brutal with men, hard with the defeated, and violent like a firearm.”

to which the nickname came from:

“his coquettishness, from his thin waist, that could be said to be made by a corset, by his pale face where his nascent mustache barely appeared … “

Variations: Fifi, Fifine.

Other words of the same language:

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