The translation of Uraniste into English is uranist. It is a term of German origin (Urninge) used by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs between 1864 and 1865, a few years before Heinrich himself came up with the most medicalized term of homosexual (1869). It is framed within a complete taxonomic system developed for the understanding of sexual and gender diversity, taking an important step towards overcoming the classic idea that the man attracted to another male had a feminine nature.

The etymological origin is found in mythology, and specifically in Plato, for which the goddess Aphrodite was actually two goddesses, Urania Aphrodite, born of foam after Cronus castrated Uranus, which symbolizes intellectual and celestial love, and Aphrodite Pandemos, the common Aphrodite of all people, born of Zeus and Dione that symbolizes the mere physical love.

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