Checca is a pejorative feminine term used for especially effeminate gay man, who is presumed a bottom sexual role. This term had special diffusion by the actions of the group Spaventapassere (Scarecrow).

The origin of this expression is not clear, but revolves around the patriarchal identification, that is, the attribution of female characteristics to gay men, since according to this point of view, gays are men who are like women:

  1. Is the diminutive of Francesca, women’s name, and as in the case of the Spanish expression Marica is a woman’s name used to name homosexual men.
  2. In some parts of Italy as Tuscany and Lazio, is slang for female reproductive organ.
  3. In Venice and Tuscany used expressions like Cecca and Checa, indicating vulgar, stupid and careless woman. Other terms, such as Pato (Gay Dictionary: Latin America), have their origin in the attribution of many negative features to gays, so that using this slang could extend the negative characteristics of some women to all homosexual men.

It is widely used in Lazio, Tuscany, and Lombardy, where the masculine form Checco is used too and is also used to a lesser extent in the rest of Italy.

Variations: Amichecca (hag fag), Checcaggine, Criptochecca (homosexual in the closet), Chierichecca (fanatic catholic homosexual), Scheccare (acting effeminately, angry or hysterical way), Arcichecca (of Arcigay association), Aristochecca (Dandy), Melochecca (music lover).

Composed expressions: Checca Fatua, Checca Fracica, Checca Isterica, Checca Manifesta, Checca Marcia, Checca Onnivora, Checca Pazza, Checca Persa, Checca Sfatta, Checca Sfranta, Checca Storica, Checca Velata, Baffo-Checca, Etero-Checca, Checca Power!

Other words of the same language:

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