The translation and adaptation into Spanish language of the German word Abbläserin could be pussy eater and it is part of a large family of expressions originated from the term “blasen” (to blow) that it is a slang for fellatio, for the matter of blowing the flute (relating the flute with the penis) and that arises in the 19th century in marginal environments.

Abbläser is a term, in which a sexual practice is used to characterize a person, used both for the man who makes a fellatio to another man and for the one who practices a cunnilingus to a woman. Abbläserin would be the feminine form used to refer to the woman who eats the pussy to another and in a broader sense to the lesbians.

Variations: Bläserin, Blasengel, and those of the jargon Rotwelsch, Blasmichlarin, Blosmichlarin, and n’Blosmichlarin.
Synonyms: Fellatrix, Cunnilinctrix.

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