Currently, the German word Tiefseeforscherin is used to name people who investigate the deep seabed, and its literal translation would be something like “deep sea researcher”, oceanographer. What most people do not know when they use it is that in the early 20th century in marginal environments of prostitution and homosexuality in Germany, a slang was developed out with a matter of depth. Check our article for the Lesbian Slang Collection to read more about this word.

Color photograph of a bathtub surrounded by a curtain with the Tiefseeforscherin design, an illustration with two girls in a bathtub, one of them with diving goggles and snorkel.

Shower curtain with Tiefseeforscherin design. You can purchase it in our online stores. 

Read more: Tiefseeforscherin. Lesbian Dictionary (Germany).

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