Bubi is a term with many meanings, Lesbian among them, a word to which other elements are added, making new and sometimes hilarious variations. It is a slang that is also included in the German Gay Dictionary because one of the main ideas that underlie is the unfinished or incomplete masculinity. The German words Bub and Bube have the meaning of boy, teenager, kid and so many others going towards the juvenile delinquency as a rogue, rascal, and sneaky. Replacing with the letter I at the end denotes a feminization or a lack of manhood. It is a derogative and mocking expression that is used to name feminine gays and masculine lesbians.

It must also keep in mind that female prostitutes call Bubi to their customers and that it also has the meaning of a hustler, young female prostitute, penis, and woman who assumes the role of a man in intercourse. Delusions of different but related meanings.

Regarding the variations that we talked about at the beginning, we have the expression Bubigamie that jokingly refers to homosexual couples, although it can also refer to gay and lesbian sex and pederasty. Another variation is the term Bubisexuelle, defined as bisexual mostly homosexual, but also used to refer to the sexual practices of gays and lesbians. Finally, there are the funniest along with smutty, Bubifurkation slang for the butt crack of a man, and Bubifurkationskitzler, the ass eater.


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