Kesser Vater

The literal translation into the English language of the expression Kesser Vater would be something like “the freshest father” and has its origin in a lesbian movement probably imported from the United States back in the 30s. Its first written record in German literature appears in half of the 20th century and is quite used by the German lesbian collective in the 70s, also with the acronym KV. There is no equivalent expression in English, and although it is usually translated as butch or tomboy, we prefer to translate it as Papi Chula, since it expresses better the world behind these words. Read the article in our blog for more information about this expression.

Close-up and black-and-white photography of two Kesser Vater, Gertrude Sandmann and Hedwig Koslowski, two women dressed in men's clothing.

Gertrude Sandmann and Hedwig Koslowski, two Kesser Vater. 

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