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Image of the bisexual flag composed of 3 stripes, centered by a narrower violet, a purple stripe above and blue below.

Bisexual flag.

It is a type of sexual orientation. A person wich sexual orientation is bisexual is the one who feels physical, emotional, and/or romantic attraction towards people of two genders and/or sexes, not necessarily at the same time, in the same way, at the same level, or with the same intensity. It does not mean that bisexuals have sex with both sexes, or that are promiscuous. In fact, it is not necessary to have any kind of sex to self-identify as a bisexual person.

There is some discussion and accusations regarding the bisexual, omnisexual, and pansexual categories. The dispute revolves around the people who think that the Omni and Pansexual categories are, in fact, bisexuality. But this is a taxonomic question; Bi are two, Omni are all (genders/sexes), and Pan is any (person.) The difference between bisexuality and omnisexuality is a matter of quantity and the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality is a matter of quality.

Field: Sexual orientation

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