LGBT Glossary


G0y flag, stripes of different shades of blue and one of white.

The g0y flag relates blue to masculine.

The term g0y, pronounced g-zero-y, appeared around 2005 in the United States to name the man who, regardless of his sexual orientation (homo, hetero, or bi), has erotic-affective relationships with men in which anal sex is excluded, which extends to their wives, girlfriends or female sexual partners. Zero with the anus. This phenomenon has had great success in Brazil, where we can find G0Y groups, pubs, and private parties. This glossary entry on this curious masculinity only reflects a minimal part of reality. If you are looking for more detailed information, read the article published on our blog.

Variations: Goy, G-zero-ypsilon, Heterog0y, Heteroflex, Soft-bi.

Related: Bromance.

Read more: G0y, not gay (article published on our blog).

Field: Sexual behavior

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