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Image of the Graysexual flag, composed of 5 stripes, one white in the center, followed up and down by a gray and another purple.

Graysexual flag.

Graysexual, also named greysexual, grey-asexual, gray-asexual, grey-A, gray-A, grey-sexual, gray-ace, grace, it is a category that belongs to the sexual orientation. A graysexual person is one who only feels sexual attraction on very specific occasions. The use of the word gray /grey is related to the illustration that can be done to expose the categories so that in the white area would be the allosexual people (those who feel sexual attraction) and in the black area the asexual people (those who do not feel sexual attraction), then graysexual would be at some point of the Gray Zone.

Illustrative graphic of graysexuality. A gradient from white to black.

Illustrative graphic of graysexuality. Greysexual people are in the gray zone.

This graphic, in addition to placing people based on their sexual attraction, also tells us that, like everything related to human sexuality, it is a matter of degree but also of fluency, since we will not be all our lives at the same point. In front of the traditional vision of sexuality, being categorized in separate, closed and, determined compartments, the sexual plasticity defines much better how our sexuality is.

Types of Graysexual

It can be considered that there are several types of graysexuality depending on the type of specific circumstances in which is felt sexual attraction, so is called fraysexual the person who could be sexually attracted to people who barely knows, and that when are known the sexual interest is lost, is a person that only feels primary sexual attraction; is denominated akoisexual the person who feels sexual attraction by another just until begins to be corresponded, moment in which loses the interest; and reciprosexual, the person who can begin to feel sexual attraction by a person when realizes that arouses sexual desire in that person. Some people consider demisexuality as a type of graysexuality since they only feel secondary sexual attraction, that is when they have a strong emotional bond with the other person.


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