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Sexual Identity

We define Sexual Identity as the set of characteristics related to sexuality that is part, along with other identities, of a person’s identity. In this way, a person can identify as North American, Hawaiian, Transgender, Buddhist, Democrat, and Lakers follower.

Scheme of the components of sexual identity, represented as if it were an atom. Drawn in chalk on a blackboard.

The atomic model helps us to explain people’s sexuality. Notice that each of the parts has different types, represented by different shades of the same color.
Photo by Moscas de Colores, using mockup de Graficsfuel

For sure, you can find this concept as a synonym for Gender Identity, and this is more frequent the further back you go in time. However, Gender Identity is only one of the five components of Sexual Identity, so its use is not interchangeable. The rest of the components are Biological Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, and Sexual Behavior.

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