Ku’er (酷儿)

The Chinese expression Ku’er (酷儿) is the phonetic adaptation of the English word Queer and is with tóngzhì (同志) one of the expressions preferred by the Chinese LGBT community. As society has progressed in rights and freedoms, in addition to imported expressions such as ku’er (酷儿) new ones have been coined, some fun and surprising, used inside and outside the collective:

· Yī hào (1 号): the literal translation is “number 1” and has the meaning of top because the number one symbolizes the penis.

· Líng hào (0 号): the literal translation is “number 0” and has the meaning of bottom because the number zero symbolizes the anus.

· Líng diǎn wu hào (0.5 号): versatile.

· Líng diǎn qī hào (0.7 号 ): mostly top.

· Líng diǎn sān hào (0.3 号): mostly bottom.

· Yīlíng (10 肛交): to have anal sex.

· C: feminine man, the short form of the English word sissy.

· Chū guì (出柜): to come out of the closet.

· Zhí nán (直男): it literally translates as a straight man and means heterosexual man.

· Wān nán (弯男): it literally translates as curved man and means gay man.

· Hóu zi (猴子): it literally translates as a monkey, and is the Chinese expression for the English word Twink.

· Biàn wān (变弯): expression used to refer to a straight man who has become gay. The similar expression Bāi wān (掰弯) would be to convert gay to a hetero …

· Tongqi (同妻): It is a neologism composed of the fusion of the expressions tóngzhì (同志) [common expression for gay] and qi zi (妻子) [wife] used to refer to heterosexual women married to homosexual men. It is estimated that 80% of Chinese gay men marry women because of social and family pressure to marry and have a child. A rather tragic issue that, according to LGBT activism, would be solved, in part, if equal marriage were allowed.

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