Anal buckaneer

it is the first of our expressions with this meaning. Pirate, bandit, thief, rider, kicker… of ass. Although it is a term used in the 80s in gay bashing, Anal buckaneer refers to the active (top) role in sexual relations, that in some sense is masculine and virile, and is opposed, for example, to Ass boy (one man reduced to a single part of his body, the ass, made available to anyone who wants to fuck him), that in the same way serve to insult gays but would establish a different category, because a boy is less manly than a buccaneer or a bandit. Despite as faggot is the top as the bottom, insults let us read between the lines, that the classical systems of homosexual behavior, the teacher-pupil and master-slave, still in force today, so expressions for top gay are less derogatory than the expressions for bottoms.

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