very used expression to define the preferred role sex in anal intercourse for the case of active men. Active gay is who fucks other.

Synonyms Active, Arse-king, Arse Bandit, Ass bandit, arse-burglar, Ass raider, Back-door man, Backgammoner, Bang artist (Bang is the bottom, the passive in anal intercourse), Biscuit-bandit (cake is jargon of anus), BK (Acronym used in ads in United Kingdom), Bodyguard (the late 60), Booty-bandit (booty means little ass), Boretto ma (little bore), Boring a bud (drill), Bottle opener), Brown artist (mid-60s, brown are faeces), Brown hatter (mid-60), Brownie king (United Kingdom), Bucket (it comes from slang for ass or from a type of destroyer ship), Buey, Bugger, Buggerantoes, Bum-fugger, Bummer, Bun-bandit, Bunny cake, Deadeye dick, Dirt tamper (40s, ass saboteur), Dirt-track rider, Dung-pusher, Eye doctor (where it is the eye of the ass), Forty-niner (Name who received the first searchers in the gold rush, which in the 40s was used for active gays), Gander, Gonif (thief, scoundrel, swindler), Gooser (50s, which touches the ass), Greek, Gut-reamer (Stretcher intestines), Gut-stretcher (Stretcher intestines), Gut-stuffer (filler intestines), Humper and a pumper (70s, who catch and pump), Inspector of manholes , Keester-bandit (from back), King (late 60s in San Diego), Knight of the golden grummet (golden grummet would be the anus), Miner (mid 60s, Pitch o Pitcher (from baseball), Poo-jabber, Pratt-man (pratt means ass), Pratt-hunter, Rear specialist, Rider, Ring snatcher (ring kidnapper, were ring means anus), Sodomite, Tom fucker (from United Kingdom), Top drawer (first class), Turd-packer (turd is a piece of shit).

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