Terre jaune

Its English translation is yellow soil. It is used in expressions such as Amateurs de terre jaune (lovers of the yellow soil), as synonymous with top homosexual man, or as a synonym of practicing anal intercourse. We also find it in idioms such as Goûter la terre jaune (try the yellow soil), or the oldest we have found Voyage en terre jaune (journey to yellow lands) dating from the beginning of the 20th century. In all cases, the color yellow is related with the feces.

The eschatological references, so common in other languages as Ruskean Reiän Ritari (knight of the brown hole in Finnish) or Mostacero of the Spanish language, are not very frequent in French to name to homosexual men, being this case one of the few expressions that we have found, although it should be noted that this type of explicit images are more frequent when referring to anal intercourse.

Close-up photograph of yellow soil, Terre Jaune in French.

The mustard yellow color, once again related to anal sex.

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