In the German language, when are used expressions whose first element is Spinat- in the context of homosexual men and male homosexuality, is metaphorically speaking of the feces, since Spinat translated into the English language is spinach, the vegetable, and all these expressions are referring to anal sexual activity. Thus, Spinatforscher or “spinach researcher” means gay or faggot according to the context, and Spinatstich or “penetration in spinach” is a slang word for anal intercourse. The literal translation of Spinatstecher would be a skewer or spinach knife, and we could translate it into English as faggot.

It is said that the term Spinatstecher originates in the Rotwelsch jargon at the beginning of the 19th century and refers to the top homosexual man in anal intercourse. The Spinatstecher is also documented in several dialects, such as the one talked in Frankfurt, in which Spinatstecher in addition to homosexual man is also used to refer to the own penis. As a curiosity, in an unpleasant allusion to the homosexuality of the Berlin sexologist, Ludwig Thoma, he called it “Magnus Spinatfeld“, that is, a large field of shit.

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