term used to refer to a man with a feminine gender expression in one or several of its characteristics, either when speaking, when moving, when dressing, ect. The effeminacy in men does not necessarily imply homosexuality, however the expression has been used as a euphemism for homosexual man, as an insult against homosexual men or who could be homosexual, and to criticize the lack of manhood. Afeminado is one of the terms that shows that behind the homophobia is the machismo, since it expresses how negative it is to be like a woman, or show some of its characteristics. The first record of the term Afeminado dates from the 15th century, however the label or stereotype of the effeminate is much earlier, from at least the 4th century BC. when sex with men did not imply effeminacy, as long as the active role was adopted. The masculine and the feminine are categories that change and are exchanged with time and societies, however the feminine is always considered negative or of second order, dought much of those feminine characteristics have been masculine in another epoch.

Synonyms Adamado, Ahembrado, Amadamado (del francés “madam”), Amanerado, Amujerado, Cuasihembra, Femenino, Medio mujer, Medio hembra, Mujerado, Mujercísima, Mujercita, Mujeríl, Mujerona.

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