plumera is the feminine form for plumero, which translated to English language is a feather duster, or anything with feathers. The term was used in Spain in the 70s, belonging to the gay jargon to refer to homosexual man who “has feather” or “spent feather”, way to express that someone is effeminate.

According Cardín someone could be Plumera by excess, so effeminate that approach to transgender, or by default, in cases of cripto-homosexuals (homosexuals in the closet) showing gestures, attitudes or expressions that denote femininity and betray them.

According to Cela, feather also means prostitute, loose woman and even penis.

In any case, the relationship established among birds, female prostitution and male homosexuality has led to a multitude of words and expressions in many languages, as Palomo, Palomo Cojo and Marica in the case of Spanish language, Petuh in the case of Russian and Feygele in Yiddish.

Variations Plumífero, Plumero (Venezuela), Plumoso (Colombia).

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