recent term coined in Peru belonging to the LGBT slang, to refer to a kind of gay that a certain sector considers “more modern”, discreet, masculine, who can be active (top) in anal intercourse, as opposed to the feminine homosexual, transvestite, bordering transsexuality, always passive (bottom) in sex, crazy, and probably looking for mostaceros. They are the buses gays and also used referring to the buses scene.

Tracing the origin of this expression we have met with a gruesome story, quite common unfortunately, focused on internalized homophobia and sexual desire.

The word Buses derives from the surname Busses, of a young male and spoilt brat, who lived in the 80s in Lima. Homophobic and probably with sexual conflicts had fondness for walking by the famous Kenedy Park, place chosen for cruising and lubricious deals for faggots, transvestites and hustlers of the Peruvian capital. Dressed for the occasion the young Busses becomes a muscular and manly claim, posing as male prostitute. When he was sure that was hooked up with a gay man, he beat him up till almost killing. The story goes that he ran out the fun when a group of transvestites gave chase to him and severely beaten.

It was not known more of that guy, but over time it began to use the term “Buses chola” by alerting each other that some homophobic people was coming closer and that, therefore, they should act with discretion to avoid problems. From here, there was a semantic leap by which the word Buses was used to refer to a type of gay men, more discreet, more masculine, and more modern, which we referred at the beginning.

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