The word cola, translated to the English language is tail. A term used in Chile and Argentina to refer to a very effeminate and flamboyant homosexual man. Apparently, the expression Cola became popular in the 50s and would have its origin in the police jargon used in detective novels and other similar publications for the general public. Cola would be the reverse of Loca (crazy, derogatory way to call effeminate homosexuals), as a way of talking in code, as it occurs in other jargons related to crime, as the French Verlan. In Chile it is considered a very derogatory and hurtful expression because, as we have read, “it alludes to the most discriminated among the discriminated, it is terrible violence”.

In addition, in these two countries and nowadays, Cola is slang for the ass, however, another explanation, such as the relationship of the tail with the penis, should not be discarded since in other languages such as the Danish, the word Svan means tail and it is a slang for the penis and it is also slang for homosexual man.

Variations: Coliguacho (which it is also a type of fly), Colipato, Colisa, Colisón, Coliza, Colizón, Colita.

Other words of the same language:

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